Board of Directors 2017-2018

Lu Thomas Cosgrove, LCSWR

Private Practice
Board Member


Andrew Cruikshank

Fort Hudson Health System
Board Vice President


Duane Vaughn 

Tri-County United Way
Board Member


Traci Ross 

Washington County EOC, Inc.
Board Secretary

James Banish

Warren County Sheriff’s Department
Board Member


Amy Molloy  

Board Treasurer


Michael Homenick, PH.D.

Private Practice
Board Member


Kerri Zappala-Piemme, PH.D

SUNY Plattsburgh
Board Member

Peter Lareau

Glens Falls National Bank & Trust Co.
Board President


J. Lawrence Paltrowitz

Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes, PC
Board Member

Agency Administration

Andrea Deepe

Chief Executive Officer
(518) 747-2284


John R. Schurga, MBA

Chief Financial Officer
(518) 747-2284


Debra Stockdale

Finance Manager
(518) 747-2284


Melissa Chenier

Director of Corporate Compliance and Quality Assurance
(518) 747-2284

Lorrie Smith

Accounting Specialist
(518) 747-2284


Wendy Berry, RN, CARN

Director of Clinical Services
(518) 747-8243


Paula Cipperly

Accounting Manager
(518) 747-2284


Nicole Casey

Director of Human Resources & Community Relations
(518) 747-2284

Lori Bishop

Director of Care Management
(518) 793-2352


Joshua Gray

Director of Support Services
(518) 793-2352


Patricia Snell, LCSW-R

Director of Residential Services


John B. Farrell

Assistant Director of Residential Development and Operations
(518) 747-2284

Program and Department Heads

Amy Wood

Program Coordinator, East Side Center
(518) 793-4799


Cliff Green

Program Coordinator, Dual Recovery
(518) 793-2352


Justina Beswick

Adult Care Management Coordinator, Support Services
(518) 793-2352

Catherine Sarraino

Benefits Coordinator, Benefits Management
(518) 793-2352


Kait Ouellette

Residential Coordinator, Genesis and Pearl St.
(518) 798-0567 or (518) 747-4628


Eileen Tarantino

Youth Care Management Coordinator, Support Services
(518) 793-2352

Matthew Ryan

Supportive Housing  Coordinator, Housing First
(518) 932-0516


Adam Somich

Residential Coordinator, Maple St. Apartments & Satellite Apartments
(518) 747-6913 or (518) 747-2146